About Us

Welcome to Kromayon

We are a Software Development team with some talented team members. We are on a mission to deliver the best web application development services to the world.

Who Are We

We are Bangladesh based Web Application Development Team. Building useful web applications with beautiful UI/UX is our passion. 

Our Mission

We believe in quality than quantity. We take very small number of projects per month to deliver best possible custom web application projects. 

What We Do

Our Working Process



First we try to get all the requirements from our clients through online meetings, chats and emails. We also provide our thoughts and suggestions after reviewing project requirements.



After finalizing the project requirements, so conduct several meetings with our teams members to Define all the features, coding structure and front-end designs for the project.



On Design phase, we break down all the required front-end and back-end pages and then our designers start building the designs with the best UI and UX in mind. 



After the initial design phase, our back-end web developers start their coding phase. On this phase, all the complex business logics and features are built with coding. 



After the development phase is done, we start our Deployment phase. We upload the completed website to our client’s server for further testing and delivery. 



This is our final phase, we always test all the features and security issues before the final delivery. Once everything is checked well, we deliver the final product to our client. 

Why Choose Us?

We are honest about our work and always try to delivery bug free, secure and well coded websites to our clients. 

You will get the best possible web development solutions from us. We have well versed programmers, Web Designers and Database Administrators.

Even after final project delivery, you will get Tech Support from us. 

We have a dedicated Quality Assurance team to make sure all of our projects are well tested  and bug free.

Web security is our number one priority. We practice best coding styles to ensure top notch security. 

All of our team members are well educated and have many many years of experience under their belt. 

Some Statistics

Here are some of the numbers from our Team’s Web Development Journey!

Satisfied Clients
Projects Completed
1 %
Repeat Projects
1 M+
Lines of Code

Would you like to start a project with us?

Even if you don’t have the complete idea about what you want to build, you can reach out to us to discuss about your plans and we will try out best to give you the best possible suggestions.